100-й КИАП

100kiap Squadron

100kiap Servers

If you want to hang out with us or even become a friend, visit us on discord or teamspeak.

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Task Force KSAW

We are part of KSAW, a joint colliation group together with the SF squadron.

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You want to apply to the 100kiap? Go to our forum and wirte an application letter

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We are a virtual air fighter squadron in DCS. We fly in air-to-air multiplayer enviroments

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100-й КИАП

100kiap Squadron

We are a virtual air fighter squadron in DCS. We mainly fly in air-to-air multipalyer enviroments and we try to be the best at it. Our focus is on carrier operations in the Su33 and in the near future the F14A and F/A-18c.

 The squadron was formed by one of the best Su27 “flanker” pilots in DCS and former high command of the 51st PVO.

Squadron founders:
[100☭] Breakshot
[100☭] holimoli
[100☭] Shaman

Squadron enlisted personnel:
[100☭] Gari
[100☭] Kraut
[100☭] Kempa
[100☭] Vargas
[100☭] Scarface
[100☭] Coxy
[100☭] Gruja

  100kiap Forum100kiap Discord

100kiap Servers

We use a wide range of communication tools to keep in touch with each other very closely.

100kiap discord server

We use discord as our primary chat tool in the squadron. Join in and have a chat with us ;).

100KIAP Discord

KSAW discord server

The KSAW discord server is used for  our joint task force with the SF squadron. Join in and say hello if you’d like to.

KSAW Discord


Teamspeak is our primary in-flight communication tool. It offers great flexibility and good quality. Our teamspeak server can host up to 512 clients.

Dedicated gaming server

Our dedicated DCS game server is located in Austria. It can host missions for up to 60 players.


We do use forums to be also reachable in a traditional way. You can write an application there, If you’d like to.



TASK FORCE: 100kiap & SF Air Wing

KSAW is a joint coaltion between the 100kiap & SF squadron. The goal of this coalition is to cooridante combined trainings to strengthen our air combat skills. 


Events (Cooming soon)

Carrier events coming soon. As soon as the F14A & F/A-18 are released we are going to launch multiplayer carrier missions. We provide a stable DCS-Server which can host missions up to 60 people and a teamspeak avaiable tothe public with up to 512 slots.